Steam or a Ghost?

pizza (685x800) (2)I’ve never caught heat rising off food, ever, so is this really heat??? Or something…else? A pizza-loving ghost?

Fog over Lake Waco

Fog over Lake Waco

On the way home yesterday from Houston, the fog was so thick, I could barely see. On the way out to Houston, the thunderstorms were raining so hard, I could barely see. Hmmm, I believe that makes for the perfect Halloween travel. Not great for driving, but perfect for that spooky feel. I envisioned all the spooky shows I was watching while at my daughter’s, Sleepy Hollow, Shutter Island, and others–pouring rain, foggy days.

By the time I got home, the fog was patchier, like this. But before that, it was a blanket of fog.  Great for writing vampire stories and about other things that go bump in the spooky fog.


Houston between overpasses

My daughter and SIL think I’m crazy because I’m always stopping to take pictures.

IMax Movie Theater

IMax Movie Theater

But it’s so much fun!

Okay, I’m back to proof-reading Jaguar Christmas. Almost done. Since it’s a Christmas story, I’m thinking I need to have them give each other Christmas presents, yet, is it too much of the same-o, same-o? I don’t just give them Christmas presents, or, ahem, they give each other Christmas presents, but something that really means something. That’s what makes it special. And if I add anything, it has to be important in some way.

And…it’s not coming. So I’m nearly at the end of the story, and still can’t come up with the perfect Christmas presents. *sigh* Maybe…they don’t need any!

Have a super great Tuesday!


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