Goodbye Thanksgiving, Here Comes Christmas!

Excited to have my whole family here for Christmas. My son is usually overseas, and I have my daughter and SIL every Christmas, which I love. But this year, the whole gang will be here and we’re all going to see Star Trek together! My son loves to cook, so he’s making some delicious side dishes. I’ll make the turkey, and Jenn loves to make some dishes, soooo, it’s a family affair and I can’t be more excited!!

So next up is Alpha’s Unwrapped releasing December 1st. I can’t believe December is nearly here. I’m so not ready for it!

But the time doesn’t standstill for anyone.

And I’m here with a giveaway, so just drop by and comment for a chance!

So here is an excerpt from Covert Cougar Christmas by me!

Christmas tree with lights in winter

“Fourteen hundred and some pocket change. So not too bad. The angels are really going over big this year. And the naughty elf wooden ornaments from Denmark too.”

Christmas Ornaments from Denmark

Christmas Ornaments from Denmark

Or they might have been from Sweden. My mom got them years and years and years ago. And this is all that’s left of them. But they’re what gave me the idea in the story. Oftentimes I will include some real life stories in my stories.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. It’s been raining and raining and raining and raining here. And REALLY cold. I had to get out warmer clothes gloves, hat so I’m not rushing the dogs in and out. I keep expecting the temperature to go back to it’s usually warm state. The frigid north has settled in at least for another day. And then in the low sixties next week. And no rain.

So back to work on Viking!! Have a super Sunday!!!


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