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Book 17

Book 17, Can you believe it?

But all my books are stand-alone titles so you can read them in any order.

Love this review!!! “Most of the story moves along as a sweet romance novel plus a shifter story, and a bit of a mystery novel. That is, until a huge twist occurs that I didn’t see coming and will bet you don’t either! I couldn’t read fast enough to satisfy my curiosity of what will happen next, who is who and who is doing what. Is there really a ghost haunting the hotel? What happened to missing characters? Are the ghost hunter reality TV show people going to wind up taking the hotel away from the MacTire sisters and is that even their true motive?” ~~ Becky Condit, USA Today Happy Ever After

You write what you are…and for me, that’s a huge lover of mystery, suspense, the paranormal (devoured every ghost story I could when I was a kid), but I also read Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and other mystery series when I was growing up. Last of the Mohicans inspired me to read other Native American stories, but I also loved folklore from around the world–how everyday occurrences were explained in folk tales. And Jack London’s Call of the Wild inspired me to write my urban fantasy romance based on the real animal, and not some fantasy creature as much as I could do so. My mother took me to see plays put on by the local community college, Hansel and Greta, and Dracula. I was thirteen and was totally ready to have Dracula bite my neck.



But I felt bad he couldn’t be loved just as he loved. The monsters are out there, and they’re human. I wanted to show that like with any “people”–werewolves, cougar shifters, jaguar shifters, vampires, and humans, there are good and bad. That’s the way it is. If I wrote about aliens, I’d write them the same way, some are good and some are evil, just like humankind. That’s the way of the galaxy.

Okay, I’m back to cleaning and such. I’m moving, and what a job. Between cleaning out my parents’ things and my things, that I keep thinking I’ve cleaned out and finding, I haven’t, it’s a nightmare.

Do you have a file of warranties? Have you ever looked to see if you have any of the times you have manuals for???? I just filled another garbage sack full of paperwork for stuff I don’t have any longer. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

So back to work!! Have a great TGIF!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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