Back To the Real World of Fantasy!

In the midst of all the chaos, more bears and a bunny sold, more packing, more calls to make, etc, etc, etc, I got edits for A Very Jaguar Christmas. So I’m now working on first time edits, and back to the real world. My world of fantasy. I really like my world of fantasy. It’s stressful too–trying to come up with ideas, the next scenes, the whole book, rewrites, edits, more edits, and more edits. But there’s something comforting about slipping into the characters’ world and out of my own for a while where it’s even more stressful.

jaguar sleeping  (640x427)The title was changed to A Very Jaguar Christmas. I also saw the new Billionaire Wolf cover, but didn’t care for the model’s pose. I’m hoping they can do something differently. I think he’s the same model they’ve used for 3 recent covers too. In any event, hopefully it will change and I can show it off soon. 🙂

I’ve been up since 3, worrying about stuff, so figured it was a waste of time and got up to do edits instead. As much as I know worrying about stuff I have no control over is a waste of time, I also know that tackling what I can and just persevering is the best way to deal with that which I can. So, I’m back to edits!

Have a super great Tuesday. I can’t believe Monday is already gone, though I can assure you it will come around again soon enough. Too soon.

Have a great one!


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