Deadlines, Deadlines

kitchen family room SpringI’m moving! It’s a huge, tremendous, gigantic, horrendous job. I have edits for the last book, promo stuff for the release in Feb, trying to finish packing, moving, cleaning old house, Realtor chomping at the bit to bring her clients out to see the house–yay!, and a million, billion, trillion things to do. No wonder I can’t sleep. I have a new book due Mar 1st, and I haven’t had time to even think about it.

I can’t sleep, naturally, too many things to get done. As soon as the world wakes up, oh, I know, lots of the world is already awake, but those I need to call: water dept, etc, are not awake here, I’ve got to get on the phone and start making more calls. But for now, I need to change my address EVERYWHERE. Tax stuff will be coming, and ack, I need it to go where I’ll be.

Anyway, you see the bow windows in the living room? Unless I change my mind, that’s where my desk will be.

I have a nice open kitchen, dining and living room, and I’m excited to finish this all up so I can get back to the business of writing.

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late… but I’m so thankful my son is here helping me to pack. I would never have managed to get it all done by myself by deadline! I thought I was doing well, but as we came home to get more boxes and begin the chore of packing again, I realized how much still needed to be packed and an extra couple of hands has really made a difference.

Have a great one! Back to moving-related stuff!!


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4 thoughts on “Deadlines, Deadlines

  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful home.
    You got this, Terry.
    Moving is so stressful. I feel for you. Let me know if I can help.
    Congrats on the new home.

    • Thanks, Bonnie!!! Between messing with this house, and getting moved and everything else, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time. But my days are quickly running out. lol Thanks, lady!! Changing my address on everything this morning, that I can think of anyway!

    • I’m excited. Don’t know where I’m going to put so much stuff, no built in bookcases like I’ve had for years. lol So I’ll be living out of boxes for a while. But excited!

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