Sunsets are Beautiful

Sunset Back Home

Sunset Back Home

Sunset Here

Sunset Here

Sunset in Scotland--the mountain turning gold

Sunset in Scotland–the mountain turning gold

Sunset in St. Augustine

Sunset in St. Augustine

Sunset over NY

Sunset over NY


No matter where you are, sunsets are artwork in the making.

Oh, and got lost trying to find my way to the grocery store yesterday. Ugh. It’s a new one by us and so the roads are all under construction and Google Maps took me somewhere else. Which means I still haven’t found the “close” grocery store. I spent 45 mins driving to one that wasn’t close. Going to try for the Post Office today since it was closed yesterday. See if I can find my where there. 🙂

Oh, and new homes should have all the towel bars put up that you need. Right??? Yep. I quickly learned the only towel bar in the bathroom is the one on the wall behind the tub. Which means? I’d have to climb into the tub every time I wash my hands in the sink. Right. So I ordered a round towel bar for both bathrooms so that a hand towel is convenient, found my drill, but no drill bits. *sigh* A project for another day….

Have a great day!!! Back to Loving the Silver Wolf for me!


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2 thoughts on “Sunsets are Beautiful

  1. I hope you find that elusive store just around the corner. It is 20 minutes from my house to HEB and I thought that was bad. I still forget something each time I shop and have to adjust a recipe or wait until another time. It has been a long time since we had a neighborhood store. sigh

  2. lol, at least I knew where everything was there!!! It was so easy to run to HEB, Target and the PO if I needed to. It looks like Target is either downtown Houston, horrors, or all the way out to Conroe, not sure how far out that is. Maybe it’s just around the corner and not on Google Maps either. lol After living her for a while, my daughter and SIL appreciated the convenience of shopping in Waco. lol

    A new Walmart is going in nearby. I went by it twice on my forage for THE HEB. I know my SIL drove me past it, so I know it was “near” there, kind of. lol I really need simple.

    But I do that with groceries all the time. Even made myself a list for something I JUST had to have. Brown sugar for my oatmeal. And nearly didn’t look at my list, and would have forgotten it.

    So then what to do? Risk searching for that ghostly HEB again? One of these days. But first, I’ve got to try to find the post office. 🙂

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