Hearing Voices!

I don’t mean like the voices in your head if you’re a writer. Or communing with ghosts and such. But physically listening to voices. One of the things that is too far-fetched for me to believe is when a writer will say the person changed their whole appearance and someone who knew them well, doesn’t recognize them. What catches them up? A person’s voice.

Stormy Pier, Daytona Beach

Stormy Pier, Daytona Beach

How many can listen to a popular actor, whom you love, and recognize the person’s voice right off? Even if you can’t see them? Even if they’re narrating for an animated feature? How many can actually “hear” a voice of an actor or singer without actually hearing it? I can hear Sean Connery’s voice if I picture his face and him talking.

I was watching “Catch Me if You Can” some years ago, a true story about a master thief who pulled all kinds of things, including pretending to be a doctor and a pilot, and changed the way our banks coded checks. Not sure if that’s what it’s really termed, but the routing number and such. Tom Hanks played the lawman who was trying to apprehend him.  I didn’t recognize him because he had gained a lot of weight, and he was wearing a big hat that shadowed his face, until I heard his voice. Tom Hanks!

Well, what was interesting is that when I went to conference, I was around a few people for several days, and now when the one, whom I’d never met, posts comments on my site, I hear her voice. I hear the way she would say the words. I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?

I’ve had laryngitis, so I hope no one remembers my voice that way. 🙂


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