When Thoughts Become Reality

Inventions, well, yes. Writing books, sure. But what I was thinking about is more psychic in nature. Oh, not really psychic, no woo-woo factor, but, well, maybe a little.

Have you ever thought something, like you’re suddenly thinking of a person and it’s been a long time since you talked to them, and… voila, they email or call you?

Or you think about something–like you should have received something in the mail weeks ago, and forgot all about it, but there it was, foremost on your mind, and it arrives?

So I wast thinking about how all I was seeing were sparrows and goldfinches and doves and that the cardinals had never returned.

And then they were there. A couple. They mate for life and are truly beautiful. But it seemed so odd that I should be wondering about them after, I don’t know, a couple of weeks had passed and no sign of them? And they’d only dropped in once or twice in the over a month that I’ve been here?

cardinals on the fence (640x427)I was thinking too about the woodpecker I’d missed capturing a picture of the day before. My camera wasn’t at hand. And he never returned. And I’d never seen him before. And then I was typing as fast as I could on the end of my book, which always happens at the end of my book, the scenes come to me fast and furiously, and I’m like, whoa, hold up, I can only type so fast, and just one at a time. and then here the woodpecker lands on the feeder.

I may never see him again. I many never remember the scene again. What do I do? I grab my camera. lol

redbellied woodpecker (538x640)I just had to capture the red-bellied woodpecker because I had to find out what he was.

And I was thinking how I hadn’t seen the little chickadee but maybe twice since I’d been here and it had been eons for him too. And then he came.

chickadee 015 (640x465)

All of them. In the same day. Thankfully not all at the same time like the scenes for the book were popping into my head.

And now I’ve been wondering if I’ll ever see the pretty bluebird again.

Maybe he’ll pop in for a picture or two soon.

Do you ever do that? Wonder about something and then out of the blue, it’s there? The call? The sighting? The connection?


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4 thoughts on “When Thoughts Become Reality

  1. This happens to me a lot too! Sometimes I can be thinking something and my daughter will voice the exact thought! It’s freaky. In my neck of the woods, I’ve found the bluebirds seem to love sunflower seeds.

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