Is it Fixable?

Old boat, tide out (640x427)I look at these two boats, well, three, if you count the dinghy. But they’re like manuscripts, or art, photos, architecture. Some are salvageable. Some…well, maybe not.

These were near one of the castle ruins on the Isle of Skye while the tide was out. Do you think the sunken boat will ride the waves again?

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4 thoughts on “Is it Fixable?

  1. It appears that someone cared enough for the one to secure it with ropes. It might be destined for a restoration, but I don’t believe they love the other one much. it looks lost. I wonder if boat people are as crazy about their classics as we old car nuts are?

    • I don’t know. I just kept thinking the poor little thing needs to be salvaged and have a chance to plow through the waves again. But It might be too costly to repair, too unseaworthy.

  2. I was admiring the same boats when I was there!!! Isn’t it incredible the stories those boats could tell! Lol! I think it acts like a warning like the nearby sign “Beware the Tides”. I thought it really se the mood for the hike up to the castle.

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