Sold the Pink Mohair Bear and Bunny!

puppies and pink mohair bear and bunny 008 (640x420)Still on the hunt for my bear patterns. These were already sewn up, but needed to be put them together. But I sold 5 of them, and so now only have one pink bunny left. UNLESS I can find the remaining parts to another. I have one leg, 1 bear ear, half a bear ear, and a body. Hmmmm. I am so sure it has to do with the fae.

Merlin w book Spear (2)A fan and friend, Jan, sent this to me of her cat, Merlin and he’s all into jaguars. Isn’t he cute?

Oh, oh, oh, I found my bear patterns! I had put them in a special place so they wouldn’t get lost. Naturally. I had looked in the decorative boxes full of decorative stuff several times, but had no place to put the decorator pieces until a shelf is repaired that was damaged in the move. I finally began to remove the items just in case the patterns were in the bottom of the boxes, and yes!!! They were. So once I set my sewing machine up, I’m back in business!

Or so I thought. The electric cord for the cabinet wouldn’t reach the outlet, had to find an extension cord. Found the foot pedal. Couldn’t find the power cord to the sewing machine. After some searching through all the cords I found that I have no idea what they go to, I found it! My sewing machine is so old I was afraid I couldn’t order a new one. But I had looked and I saw where someone said they had ordered one because they had moved and they couldn’t find their cord. Then found it. Sound familiar? At least I didn’t order it. And then it wouldn’t reach the outlet and had to find another extension cord. 🙂

So I’m back in business!

Have a great weekend!


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