Books Made into Movies???? My Books???

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (487x800)Okay, so before I get ready to figure out what to wear to the gala opening night event, wait, what would I wear as the author of the book turned into a movie???? I guess I’d have to ditch the jeans for something more regal. Or not.

Yeah, yeah, I know, there are no offers on the table. No interest really. Just a company that has a directory of rights owners in case a movie or TV producer was interested.

But I’m a writer, so I have a really great imagination. And there the first 21 wolf books are up on the screen. Dream away. But hey, I’ve never been asked to even include my name in the directory, so it’s a start, right?

Head back out of the clouds, and with the storms we’re having we’ve had lots of them, and back to the book.

storms 002 (640x427)Have a great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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6 thoughts on “Books Made into Movies???? My Books???

  1. I love this post Terry. You’ve got my own imagination buzzing. Except when I start to assemble my fantasy cast too many of them are quite old now. Bradley Cooper just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry. I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I guess I just want my heroine backed up against a wall by… Who would that be anyway? Blessings. Alice

    • Alice, LOL, I know, right? I’m often asked in interviews who would you like to see play the characters in your books in a movie. Of course you want someone who is really well known and liked or no one will see the movie. But on the other hand, I love the underdog. The guy that would be great, but maybe who doesn’t have the connections. And then? He plays one of my sexy wolves and the next thing we know? He’s an overnight success.

      The imagination can be a wonderful thing. LOL

  2. I’m with you there. I have occasionally daydreamed about some perceptive agent pushing my book under the nose of some well oiled Hollywood or other film producer but nothing of that kind has happened to me, sad to say. Nice to dream though, and thank you for putting that idea back in my head so I can vanish into the world of “What-if’s” for half an hour or so. Have a great weekend “

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