I’ve Been Zombified

butterfly iris 002 (640x427)Beautiful butterfly iris shot during a bad storm. I saw it had unfurled and I was afraid the violent storm would ruin it before I had a chance to take a shot of it, so I ran out with the camera, protecting it, and took the shot. Even though you don’t see the falling rain, it was raining

But I turned off the computer and watched the Walking Dead while I was embroidering bears. That means hours of hand work, and hours of watching zombies. So tonight when I put the puppies to bed, I realized I was washing their other bedding and needed to get them some fresh bedding. As soon as I walked into the dark hall, I envisioned zombies coming out of the rooms in the dark doing their snarling and growling.

Hope I don’t dream about them in my sleep. I need to be working on SEAL Wolf Undercover, but didn’t want to be on the computer during the storm, then got started on the bears and didn’t want to stop. Maybe next time I’ll watch something that’s sweeter. 🙂

Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Zombified

    • I was watching Z-Nation and it’s so corny, so my SIL said I should try Walking Dead. It’s great to show that people have good sides and bad. How they cope under stress. I was telling the zombie to eat the wife because she was so stupid about going out in search of her husband when she didn’t know the way and who knew what she was going to end up at. She leaves her little boy behind. Shaking heard. It’s okay to have 2ndary characters do stupid stuff, but not main characters. 🙂

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