Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing coming next in July!!

c7c23-9781492621898-3002b2528390x6402529Releasing July 5. You know all those fireworks going off the day before? That’s an early celebration of Billionaire’s release. Really.

Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing was set in California, which was fun for me because that’s where I am originally from. But this time I got to be a billionaire wolf! And that makes it even more fun! I have to say doing research was too. I’m not a billionaire, so what kind of vehicle would one drive? Hobbies? Kind of home? Etc. It was really fun living in the billionaire’s world, but as a wolf, because they always have their woodsy roots–so that was even better.
We went to all kinds of special places when we lived there when I was a kid: Disney Land, Knots Berry Farm, Lake Shasta, Folsom and other places boating and camping, the Redwoods, and some place that had huge mountains of sand. My dad and I climbed them and I dreamed I was in another world. We would go to the ocean–one of the beaches we called Moon Rock, because the waves had made holes  in so many rocks, and watched fishermen pulling octopus onto the jetty. I’m excited about going to San Deigo and seeing the zoo again, and just having plain fun. Maybe I’ll catch sight of the billionaire wolf and give him a little nod, saying I know what he is, and I’m proud to know him.
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