Finished Edits on Loving the Silver Wolf–Woohoo!!!

I meant to blog yesterday, but we had a break in the storms and so I decided it was time to go in and hit the grocery store and try to find some help against spider mites and some kind of fly and tomato horn worms, all attacking my tomato plants at once. But I really wanted to also finish the edits on Loving the Silver Wolf, and when I run errands, it throws me off for writing.

Maybe because I’ve got to put all the groceries away. The dogs are needy for an hour after my return. And somehow, a bunch of plants made it into my basket.  Imagine that!!! Yep, got home, and there they were. Big as life. Saying: Plant me! Plant me!

stonecrop sedum 061 (640x427)

And of course the storms were coming. Again. Two hours earlier than they said. Plus, I was trying to see if anything I got worked against the spider mites and tomato horn worms.

So I got some of the plants, picked tomatoes for my neighbor who so graciously fertilized my lawn, and finally, finally, finally stopped to settle fanny in chair to re-read the last 120 pages of the book. By the end of the day, it was done! Sent off! Finished a bear. And this morning before the rains start again, I was out pulling up more snapdragons and put them out for the trash before they come. Still need to plant the rest of the tricolor sedum stonecrop I bought. It’s supposed to be good for drought, sun, heat. I know. With as much rain as we’re getting, that’s crazy, right?

stonecrop sedum 064 (640x264)

But normally, Texas has been suffering a drought every summer, so this is unusual. My daughter and son-in-law said in the 5 years they’d lived here, they’ve never seen this much rain. It’s usually just hot and humid by now. Which means it’s perfect for me to start my garden and by next year, it will be pretty well established.

stonecrop sedum 062 (640x427)The daylilies and the sedum will spread. I’m trying not to over plant things because as soon as I do, I’ll have to be replanting them. Double the work, right? But it looks so barren. The salvia, purple flowers are annuals, so they’ll be gone when it gets cold. The daylilies and sedum are perennials and they’ll keep growing through the years. But for now, everything looks a little scraggly. I think I need some more heat loving, humidity loving annuals to fill in at least for the summer.

This morning, I need to do the financial report for an anthology, and then I’m back to work on SEAL Wolf Undercover, due Jul 1. So no time to goof off. Really.

So with that in mind, I’ve got to reread THAT whole story to remember where I was at. Oh, horrors, nearly started working on the wrong earlier version. I’ve done that before. 18,000 words to go!

Have a wonderful Monday!!


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