Bringing the Fairy Garden to Life

coneflower powwow in back 016 (640x427)coneflower powwow in back 008 (640x427)coneflower powwow in back 003 (640x427)

I planted Coneflower Powwow in between the lavender. They’re just sitting there, so I wanted some additional color. But I also put some out front with the salvia, sedum, and daylilies.

I want butterflies! With writing a story, your character has to have attainable goals, motivation for those goals, and a ticking time bomb!

So mine is–create a butterfly garden. I’ve planted so many varieties of butterfly loving flowers: scabiosa, columbine, esperanza, penta, coneflower, milkweed, kaleidoscope butterfly bush, lantana (I’m planting it out front today. I learned that it grows to 6 feet tall and wide! I’m thinking a couple of feet. I should have TONS of butterflies.) 🙂 The ticking time bomb: winter will be here before we know it and no more butterflies. Laughing.

At my other home, I had variegated privet and the butterflies loved it. They also loved the glossy privet. But the shrubs are too big to grow in a small yard. They also loved my fermenting pears.

The problem is that the scabiosa, milkweed, and butterfly bush aren’t flowering yet. Soooo, when I picked up some more bricks to line the shrubs yesterday, I was on the lookout for more—-butterfly loving plants! Coneflower and lantana fit the bill. AND they have flowers. Already. They’re also perennial so I don’t have to keep buying them year after year like with the annuals. After drenching rains, the pentas are also abundantly growing, and I’ve had one yellow butterfly and one orange butterfly fluttering over the yard, but they don’t stay long enough for me to capture them in a photo. *sigh*

Some of these flowers are also hummingbird attractants, so hopefully, I’ll see more hummingbirds as my garden matures.

For now, I gaze longingly at the pictures I took at my old home of the butterflies there. Here is a yellow swallowtail.yellow leaves and yellow butterfly tiger swallowtail (2) (640x470)butterfly  019 (800x705)solitary butterfly (640x427)Having ceiling fans installed today. I can’t imagine not having ceiling fans in every room in a house. I’ve had them in all my old homes. I swear the new homes have cheaper quality in a lot of ways. In Texas, rooms need fans. It sooo helps to circulate the air, cool down rooms, and cut down on the AC. No brainer. When I’m sewing in my sewing room, it gets so hot  in there because the sewing machine itself is hot. And my son’s visiting, so needed to install one in the guestroom too. I did have to install one in my dining room in my first house in Texas. No joist either, but they have a miracle joist that fits between joists, so it ended up being easier than I had envisioned. But these ceilings are so high, I’m having to have someone else install them.

And now, I’m back to the book!

Have a super day!!


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2 thoughts on “Bringing the Fairy Garden to Life

  1. Your gardens are beautiful. I haven’t seen a butterfly around here all year.
    I agree about the ceiling fans. They help during the winter too.
    Have a great day.

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I was just out in the heat and humidity planting 3 crepe myrtles and a lantana. Man, is it hot out. And it’s only 9 am. But all done now. Note to self: no more planting now. 🙂 <3 Yes, they do, just reverse the way the fans are circulating. You'd think with all the energy conservation stuff they're always screaming about, they'd make it mandatory for new homes. Even in OK, the bedrooms all had ceiling fans. Hope you have a great day too! Now off to the book!!!

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