In the Bear Cave

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Bears sleep. It seems weird to go into my bear writing cave to work. Right? But that’s just what I need to do. Proof for A Very Jaguar Christmas came in, having to do promo for Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, had issues with the title for Loving the Silver Wolf that was changed without asking me, and I hated the title, and now I like the new one they came up with, and will share it soon.


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And working on SEAL Wolf Undercover. 14,000 words to go!!!

Which is exactly why I’m headed for the bear cave. I want to go out and get bark mulch. I want to get more bricks. I want to keep working on my garden. 🙂 Before it gets too hot.

rose on transplanted rosebush 003 (640x427)rose on transplanted rosebush 004 (640x342)The Knockout Red rosebush I transplanted from the front yard to the back has doubled in size and is covered with buds eager to unfold and show off their beauty! 🙂

But…work calls, and so I’m off to work.

Have a great Saturday!!!!!


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2 thoughts on “In the Bear Cave

  1. *Laughing* I’m so glad you don’t get sidetracked, and sneak out of your Bear cave to play or watch TV, like the rest of us mortals. We’re glad you stay in that bear cave writing books for us. So sorry to hear that you had trouble with the newest title for the newest Silver Town Wolf Story. *scratching head* I don’t understand what was wrong with the original title. Why change it?

  2. Exactly!! Silver means old. ha! Silver refers to the Silver brothers. Silver Town. A really popular series within the Heart of the Wolf series. 🙂

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