From the Mundane to the Whimsical

Jeep art (4) (1280x720) Jeep art (2) colorfulWhen I saw this Jeep in the art shop, I thought it was really neat. Just think of the billionaire wolf riding around in it on a beach. Or a cougar teen. But make it a little more whimsical and it would be perfect for the fae.

Okay, you see I’ve been working on writing for too long!!! Five thousand words to go on SEAL. I’ve rewritten 9,000 words since I got home, had to do rewrites on Between a Wolf and a Hard Place too, so you see…it’s not all fun in games!

Except I’m loving SEAL as I’m finishing it up. I always loved the main characters, but I just had to work on reducing the plot tangents. So after discarding 45,000 words–that was hard to do!–I’m nearly at the end. Again. 🙂 Only this time it really is the end.

Which Jeep would you rather take a ride in?

Have a great day!

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