Is My Computer Trying to Tell Me Something?

Like: Enough, already!!!

Okay, I admit, I have a million things going on at one time–photoshop, FB, my email, a workshop, and research pages, and the story I’m working on, and pictures and….and…and…

So it was mad at me this morning. So was the Internet. It refused, REFUSED, to allow me to get on. Ha! Showed me! Well, I showed it, and kept at it until I had it! Ha-ha! And then….

The computer froze on me. It showed me! Yep. So I showed it!

You see, in anything you do, there can be highs and lows and I was determined to get my high–writing, blogging, playing around with photos, and determination wins.

Terry Spear Banner 1 copy (400x640)And the guy gets the girl in the end too, and the girl gets the guy. So there. Computer. Ha!

Now, I had a beautiful photo I was reworking to share with you this morning, BUT when photoshop, along with everything else, froze, I lost it and will have to start working on it all over again. 🙁

And since I’m supposed to be writing that story about Vexing the Highlander and….so forth, I thought I’d just share a different couple of photos instead. 🙂

Dunvegan Castle gardens. (640x427)From Dunvegan Castle gardens. 🙂

macro shot of pale purple flower (640x427)It was rainy and dreary when we took these pictures, and you can see on the pink flowers, they were covered with raindrops, that were falling on us! I had to cover my camera to take pictures.

macro shot yellow flower photoshop(640x427)

Okay, off to write!! Have a super, great determined day!!!


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3 thoughts on “Is My Computer Trying to Tell Me Something?

  1. You showed that Computer who is the Alpha. YEAH!!!! Flowers are lovely. I love that cover. But it must not be a Shifter.

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