Making Progress on White Wolf Christmas!

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First time I’ve seen a house finch feeding its baby! female cardinal1 020 (800x713)A female cardinal getting a snack. This has been emptying out really fast, and I wondered why. I caught a squirrel trying to get at it yesterday morning. But otherwise, house finches and cardinals were enjoying it.

So I’ve been working on White Wolf Christmas and actually reached 4600 words yesterday! 75400 to go! Yes, lots, but this is a really good start for a day.

I’ll be attending my first RWA chapter meeting this morning, and hope I find my way okay. Then it’s hamburgers and a movie with friends! So not sure how much I’m going to get written.

Sometimes it’s time to take a break and just have other kinds of fun!

Having pizza and seeing Star Trek with my daughter and SIL on Sunday. So more fun too!

Have a super great day!


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