Fun with Photos Using Alex Markovich’s Abandoned Summer House

Alex Markovich has some lovely free images for writers to use to create little stories. Or poetry.

So I took one of his beautiful shots of abandoned summer houses and played with the coloration to make it more moody, or something. His is beautiful, by the way, just like it is.

2016-04-23-10-58-00-2_fotor Alex-Markovitz

2016-04-23-10-58-00-2_fotor Alex-Markovich

golden abandoned summer house Alex-Markovich

Free images for poets. Part Three. Abandoned Summer Houses. Twelve pictures

All of the photos are beautiful, but it’s like a story. When you add a character, it makes it all the more interesting. Think of it. A flood is washing homes away down the river, and yes, it’s horrible, but see a person struggling to hold onto the roof of one of those homes, or a horse swimming in the debris, then it’s terrifying. You can’t rescue the house, but you sure want to rescue the person and the horse.

In this image it evokes all kinds of ideas. A woman caught between different worlds of existence. A woodland fairy who was caught sneaking into the abandoned cottage. A woman seeking shelter from the pending rainstorm.

2016-04-23-10-58-00-2_fotor Alex-Markovich blue

yellow highlights Northern Lights Alex-MarkovichA mystical Northern Light night…

Thanks for the fun, Alex!


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