Sometimes You Have to be a Contortionist…

to clean the right spot.

jaguar lifting leg to lick text 600x400closeup of a moth (800x768)-RecoveredI joined a FB group that has a weekly photograph theme, and so this weeks is sepia. I’ve never done a sepia photo before, so here it is. This is of a Skipper Butterfly.

warm sepia closeup of a moth (800x768)-RecoveredI still like the warmer brown tones rather than a cool or flat sepia, so what do you think?

Okay, off to catch up on my writing. It’s foggy, got bitten up trying to plant plants yesterday and dig grass out of a flowerbed I’m working on. They have had several cases of Nile Virus in the area, so I need to be more careful.

Have a great day!!


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have to be a Contortionist…

  1. Your photography is getting better and better. You’re learning all those new tricks. I like the more natural Summer look. The other is Fall to me. It’s coming so fast.

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