Black Swallowtails–Capturing a Fastly Fluttering Butterfly


The first one I took knowing more about setting. Yes, the 2nd one is better as far as catching the image, but, the first one was moving at Mighty Mouse speed. He was flapping his wings like crazy. I was waiting on a delivery, so I couldn’t try to capture him outside so it’s from a much greater distance, and looking through double paned windows. Aperture set at 1200.


closeup-black-swallowtail-butterfly-217-726x800Second one, was the first really. I was close, he was sitting still for me at the time for the most part, his wings are a little blurred. I just used automatic mode, not manual. I was outside, not shooting through glass.

black-swallotail-looking-at-us-900-019This was from the same house shots I made with the first one. 🙂

black-swallotail-blue-tail-900-035This one showed his blue wings too. 🙂

Okay, back to the book. 10,000 words to go! 🙂

Have a super day!


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4 thoughts on “Black Swallowtails–Capturing a Fastly Fluttering Butterfly

  1. Awesome !
    my guess keeping your camera at hand you multitasking “savvy” can write and enjoy your beautiful gardens and many visitors
    Terry, thanks for sharing the Beauty of the paradise you have created outside your home, that welcome many colorful feather friends and insects 😉

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