Photographing People


Or at least my daughter. So in the first one, I was using a 300mm, and in the 2nd one, a prime 85mm. The 2nd one is much clearer on my 2nd photo shoot of her and it still has a lot of the light from the sun bouncing off her hair. I’m going to turn this into a more fantasy setting so I had her petting the air. 🙂  Years ago, we were at the Renaissance fair and I took a bunch of pictures of her and used one for the cover of Shadow Elf. Everyone loved the picture, though it was really awful as far as quality for a cover. So I’m hoping to use her photo in a new book that I’m writing in the series. 🙂  She’s pregnant, so I’m also photographing the progress of her baby bump for her, lol, and so I want to get as many pictures of her that don’t show the baby bump for the teen books. lol

Though I probably will do one of her as a pregnant fairy later. 🙂 Not for a teen book, just for fun.

So one of the things I failed to do and am FINALLY getting around to doing, and it’s taken me 3 days to do is add links to sales sites on my book list in the books to make it easier for anyone interested in any of the other books to buy. I’m STILL working on it. It will probably take a couple of more days.  I love the Vellum program, which can only be used on MAC, but I needed that to upload to Apple, soooo, with that, I need to put my doc in the Vellum program, then I had to make a template of book links, then had to put that in every book I already have on Vellum, which means on iBooks (I still haven’t uploaded some to iBooks)…and that was a major job. Some was because, horrors, I didn’t have all my links for the different sales sites for each book (have over 60), on their book pages. And, some of the links I did have were broken, for some reason. And then because I use my PC, not my MAC for all my writing, I didn’t have updated covers uploaded to my Vellum for 3 of the books, so need to go back and do that.

Then I get a message from one of the sales sites this morning that my keywords don’t reflect the title. Well, that’s not true at all! And it flew before. Soooo, I took out one and replaced it with another. We’ll see what happens next. But I have to jump back and forth between computers to fix all this stuff. Will it help sales? I hope so. If not, at least I feel I’ve done what I’ve needed to in forever. And I’m glad I updated my website at the same time. Now, the reason I don’t have all the links posted to sales sites is because when I have a new book out, some sites are slower to upload than others. And I forget to go back in and add the ones that aren’t listing the title until later. 🙂 But also, I had some books coming, that are out now, some that I wasn’t able to write because of other deadlines, and so needed to fix those too. So it’s all good.

Now, I keep telling myself that when I have a new book out and new links, it’s going to be less of a rigmarole to update, because I’ll only be adding one title and its new links. But I will sill have to update ALL the books, and reupload All the books. There’s no easy way around it.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

In the meantime, also, I’m critiquing my friend’s book, finishing White Wolf Christmas. I’m finished with the story, but still need 5,000 word count, and I’m going through from beginning to end to smooth out scenes and make corrections because as I’m writing, I change my mind about things and then some of the earlier stuff doesn’t mesh. Oh, and Find and Replace can be your friend or your enemy. Did you know that if you replace Mark with Jim, it can create all kinds of havoc? Yep. As in rejimable. Remarkable? And rejim. Remark. And highmarking, highjiming. Yep.

Highmarking refers to snowmobilers racing up a hill to see who can create the highest mark in the snow before they can’t go any higher and then the next guy tries to beat it.  So I have a fun, very important scene, about that in White Wolf Christmas.

I’m also a featured guest today, talking about Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, and creating bears, because it’s a book and craft’s blog. I met Tamye at the Coastal Magic Conference this year and look forward to seeing her again next year! She’s done a BEAUTIFUL job putting the post together. It might be a little while before it appears…but the link will work in a bit. She thought we should get together around 10 for our tea/coffee time. She’s the sweetest!


My son is coming the first week of October to visit and pick up his puppy. He’s been in Alaska working hard with his AF buddies.


blaine-in-glacier-alaska-900x506Yes, he has. Long hours, but when they have a chance to get away, they’ve been having a ball. Now….he can’t share work pictures, so he has to show something for his time, and besides, who wants to share work photos anyway? We all want to share fun photos!







These were taken inside with low light from the window, no other light, and a flash. They turned out great with the 85mm.

Okay, I’ve really, really got to get back to work updating books, critiquing, playing with pictures, and writing the book. There are just not enough hours in the day! Don’t you agree?
Happy TGIF!!!
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  1. Congratulations on your soon to be grand baby. You and your family have some wonderful experiences to look forward to

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