I Want It Right Now!

mum-orange-and-yellow-and-purple-flowers-900Mums that struggled to make it during the spring and summer and now in fall, they’re huge!

california-buckeye-brown-butterfly-026California Buckeye butterfly in Texas on kaleidoscope butterfly bush. I love those bushes. They have performed so well all year, and even the dead flowers provide interest.

Okay, so during the spring and summer, my mums were struggling to survive. Same with the purple salvia in the picture. I was about to give up on all of them. Just pull them out and start over. But now that it’s fall, they’re HUGE and full of color.

With the butterfly, I took pictures both in automatic, which turned out beautifully, and manually, setting it to the settings that butterfly experts said to set them on.  And most were awful. A couple of them turned out. Sooooo, I’m still going to try the different settings, but I do auto also so I make sure I have some shots that turn out. The one above was on auto. The one below on manual.

california-buckeye-brown-butterfly-and-bunny-feeder-900-070I’m off to work on White Wolf Christmas. Trying to avoid distractions and read it through one more time. I was on ch 8 this morning, but the puppies have to have their routine. And me staying in bed after I let them outside and then let them back inside so I can read on my laptop is NOT part of THEIR routine. So I’m going to try and sit on the recliner, stay away from the windows and butterflies and dragonflies and birds….and concentrate on getting this done.

Do you ever find you are impatient with things not happening fast enough?

Hope you are having a fun day!!!

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