Playing Around with Low Light Indoor Shots


Unfortunately, the focus on the middle picture was more on her bed than her.mishka-body-table-and-fireplace-534x800I wanted to capture the fireplace and my son’s dog, Mishka, in the low light of the living room. The blinds were open, but it’s still not really light, in fact, it was pouring rain all day, and there is no overhead light in the living room. So that was it. I got down low on the floor to take the first two shots. I wanted to get to her eye level.

In the first two shots her bed was farther away from the fireplace so the background had a nice creamy bokeh. In the last picture, I had moved her bed closer to the fireplace and so you see both more clearly.

She was very good. If I’d gotten on the floor with my dogs, they would have been all over me. Actually, she did join me too and I was playing with her, then trying to get her back in her bed to take a couple of more shots.

Now I wish I had a fireplace too. 🙂  It was one thing I really wished I’d had when I bought the house.. But I love so much about the house I bought it anyway. Even though we don’t have long winters, we do have winter and they’re so nice to have.

Have a great one! I’m off to write. 🙂

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