Christmas with Santa and the Fairies

fairy-ornament-900You thought I was going to say Santa and the elves, didn’t you? But the fairies create havoc with everything I do, so I figured I’d hedge my bets and mention them instead. I was at a luncheon in Old Spring and it was a gloomy, rainy day, and when I say rain, I mean, icy cold rain all day. But not to be thwarted as I never get down there and I wanted to see if they had anything unique for Christmas gifts, I trudged through the puddles of water in the rain, and every shop was just as cold as I was.

In Salado, also an old Texas town that reminds me a little of Old Spring, the shops would be filled with the fragrance of wassail, Christmas cinnamon spices, or coffee. Not here. The shops would sport a Christmas tree, each having its own beautiful theme.

Salado Christmas 2012 002 (605x800)But not here. When I reached the German Gift House, they had mulled wine and German cookies, and best of all a genuine, beautiful Old Saint Nick. I was wet, cold and my hair was a mess from wearing the hood up on my raincoat for two hours in the rain, and when they asked if I wanted my picture taken with Santa, I said no. Then they talked me into it, and I was so glad they did. My dad’s paternal grandparents were German, Wilde, which means wild. Here we thought he was a wild Irishman, but he was a wild German instead. The Irish and Scottish and French, and the German Cremers/Cramer were on my mother’s side.german-santa-and-me-2-german-shop

I felt that the rain would turn to snow at any second, I was so cold. It was perfect to get me in the mood for writing more on Loving the White Bear.  I’m glad they convinced me to take that shot with the best looking, most realistic Santa I’ve ever met. I’d never had mulled wine before, and it did help to warm me up a bit, and after buying a couple of lovely German ornaments for my daughter and son-in-law’s tree and my son’s, I was off, trudging through the cold rain again.

But I didn’t need to shop any more, looking for that special Christmas gift. I had already found it. A little bit of Christmas, German style, on a cold, rainy day in Texas.

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December 8, 2016
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Jaguar Fever!

Have a wonderful day!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas with Santa and the Fairies

  1. I loved your Christmas with Santa and the Fairies Story, And I’n so glad you had a cold festive day. And visit with Old Saint Nick next to a green Tannenbaum.

  2. I loved your story! I still haven’t made it to Old Town Spring. Maybe I can talk my sweet hubby into driving out one weekend. It’s probably a 2-hour drive for us but I think it would be fun. I definitely would like to find this little shop.

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