The Magic of Being a Child


Corey wondered if Santa was an Arctic wolf after all. He’d wondered ever since a fake jaguar Santa had come to visit the kids at the jaguar shifter daycare and asked what they wanted for Christmas. He knew that Santa couldn’t have been real because Santa was from the North Pole and weren’t the Arctic wolves from there too? The jaguars he had met had never been in the snow, so it made sense.

And yet here it was Christmas Eve, snowing in Minnesota, and he was home with his family–his mother and father, his brother and sister, and his uncles. He’d asked Santa for one thing for Christmas–to be home with his family. And now he was.

So maybe the Santa in the sleigh flying across the sky, highlighted by the full moon, was truly the jaguar Santa that had asked him just what he had wanted for Christmas.

Maybe there were two of them. A jaguar shifter and a wolf shifter who brought gifts to all the girls and boys, depending on if they were a wolf or a jaguar. But he’d had the most special gift of all.  And this time it was from a jolly old jaguar Santa, who, with a twinkle of merriment in his blue eyes, had said he’d get his wish and more. And he was right.


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Demetria  is feeling blue, but she and Tammy, Everett’s sister, get together for drinks and movies, but when one of the ladies drops a glass on the floor, Everett comes over to ensure the two of them are okay. So much for the start of his vacation. But he’s fine with it, as long as it affords him the chance to see Demetria again. Little does he know, the next morning when he gets a call from his mother at her jaguar daycare, their whole jaguar shifter world will change forever and he and Demetria will be given the assignment that will challenge them to the end in A Very Jaguar Christmas.

A Very Jaguar Christmas (Book 5)
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Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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  1. Terry what a wonderful Christmas story. You make it so beautiful. I’m working on a shifter series. I’m glad to see there are shifter children. I have some but wondered if I wasn’t thinking the wrong way. Beautiful Christmas story. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with billions of sales. Hugs, Kathy

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