Party Decorating–Alice in Wonderland

baby-shower-chandelier-900-007My daughter didn’t like my tassels. I love them! Anyway, so they came down and I have some mini steampunk clocks that I hung up instead, but not loving them. Need to get cards. I don’t play cards since my parents passed away, and they had tons of them. I gave them all away. *sigh*

Need to find a dollar general store and see if I can get a stack that I can use. I make Steampunk hats for bears, occasionally, so if I have time, which I’m quickly running out of, I could make up some little hats. Though they’re Steampunk. And they take time.

Steampunk Bear Hats

Steampunk Bear Hats

If I could get some fabric that would be more Mad Hatterish, maybe I could do that….not sure. 🙂  My problem is time. I need to open up the edits for Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas today and finish those. I took down my tree, but I can’t get my tree apart. ugh. I need more muscle. I remember struggling with it last year and finally managed to get it apart.

So I’m off like the Mad Hatter to get back to edits!

Have a super rushed, I mean, unrushed day!

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2 thoughts on “Party Decorating–Alice in Wonderland

  1. Terry is so much fun reading your note here too !
    those are some “berry” interesting hats lol
    I never understood why people goes crazy setting an Early (November up goes the Christmas tree) yet Christmas is just 4 days over the tree goes down.
    My real Christmas tree goes up on December 15 and stay until January 7th, when goes out to serve as shelter and food to Our feather friends in our Deck until Spring.
    *** every few years 3 to 5 Pine trees are planted to replace the ones cut.
    No no competition trees are ever cut, only the ones that will have never make the market on tree farms… that’s the difference of taking care of the environment that around you !
    Seasons Greetings !

  2. That’s wonderful on your tree. I love having the tree and decorations up, so it’s over a month that it’s there to enjoy. It’s so festive and makes me feel good. When it’s gone, it’s so barren. 🙂

    But it’s now time to concentrate on deadlines. lol 🙂

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