I Am So Far Behind!

Goldfinch considering her next move, Red-bellied woodpecker watching me, goldfinch that insists the sunflower seed is really her size.

I worked on the novella last night for Heart of the Wolf and wrote 4,000 words! I have 8,000 now, and need another 12,000. So I’m nearly halfway there, which means the downhill slide. 🙂 Then it’s back to working on Flight of the Wolf once this is done. Way behind on it. BUT, that’s because I didn’t have all these other deadlines that popped up in the middle of it.

And I need to do the print versions of Galaxy Warrior and Loving the White Bear. And a Letter to Readers for Heart of the Wolf.

So long ways to go. Doggie sitting the corgis for the next several days. And have a reader’s convention to go to. And have 6 books to read for the Ritas.

Okay, so that means I have no time to take pictures.NOT.

Have a great day!!! I’m off to get to the halfway point on Night of the Wolf, until I come up with a better title. That’s the one I had when I started it.

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2 thoughts on “I Am So Far Behind!

  1. Good morning Terry.
    Nope the The Goldfinch has it right, sunflowers seeds are their favorite on my feeder !
    have a great day !

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