Herb Gardening

I’ve never done herb gardening before, but these did well, lasted through the great freeze, and now the garlic chives are starting to flower. I’ve actually been using the chives on my baked or boiled potatoes since I planted them last spring. The curly parsley too.

The biggest problem I’ve had is over- or under-watering, so if I don’t do that, they’re fine.

I had a bay leaves plant also, but it looks like it bit the dust. It’s actually a large shrub, but half of it died, and now it looks like the rest did also. Still, it might come back.

Several plants died back that normally wouldn’t, but I’ve noticed growth at the base of the plants, so I’ll wait and see. You don’t want to pull them up and start over, if their roots have become established. They’ll do better if you just leave them and let them come back.

Plumbers had “destroyed” a crepe myrtle once, but within a week, it was back up and growing strong. So I have to force myself not to remove plants that are “dead” in the event they really aren’t.

This year, I’m going to try flower seeds. I’ve been pulling weeds and grass out of the planters already, but that’s my problem with growing seeds. Everything looks like weeds to me. 🙂

My daughter planted zinnia from seeds and they were beautiful. Zinnias are annuals, so I picked up some salvia and a butterfly plant seed that are both perennials. Snapdragons are also annuals but I find they often reseed themselves. And some flower the builders planted did also. So I just need to leave things alone and who knows but I might have a garden of flowers already!


Zinnia from seed in my daughter’s garden.

Have a great one!! It turned cold here, I finished the St. Patrick’s Day bear, still need to get a picture, and I’m back to the book. 50,000 words to go!

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