Flowers and Fog

anemone oil painting 900 030

An anemone in oil paint. The leaves to the upper left hand corner is a miniature rose bush. The anemones didn’t come up last year, so I figured they didn’t make it, so I almost planted a rosebush on top of them. Whoops. 🙂 <3

knockout drift, peach 900 028

I’m more into purple and red flowers, but yellow brighten purple and red, and when I found these peach, I totally loved how they had multiple colors on the rosebush. This is Peach Knockout Drift. And yellow Asian lily.

Asian Lily 900 016

And a cool, spooky fog.

That’s it! Back to proofing print for Galaxy Warrior!

Have a wonderful day!


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2 thoughts on “Flowers and Fog

    • Aww, thanks so much, Lisa! 🙂 Have fun with your spring! I keep seeing new things pop up in the garden I didn’t know were here! 🙂 It’s like Christmas in spring. 🙂

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