The Beauty of Flowers

The flowerbeds are a work in progress. I moved the rocks to have more room to plant, and I’ll probably move them again next year to expand it on the narrow end. The yellow daylilies will keep  expanding.  The orange marigolds I just planted will get bigger and they will reseed themselves. I had a huge amount come back this year in the top flowerbed where the peach daylily was beginning to flower. I didn’t realize they would because they’re an annual.

So I bought tons more. I love flower gardens that help themselves. And marigolds ward off some pests. I’ve planted coreopsis also because some of those came back this year and butterflies love them. I saw a yellow butterfly land on the yellow daylily yesterday, but no camera with me. *sigh* By the time I got the camera, the butterfly was gone. The daylilies are a perennial.

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The bottom flowerbed had no flowers when I moved in. It was just all mulch. I planted mini boxwood at the back of it. I love year round green. Pittsoporum, that is just holding it’s own. The daylilies never died back, just didn’t flower in the dead of winter. I planted zinnia seeds, so maybe they’ll come out, and there are two zinnia there from flowerpots. Tulips, that are just green leaves. Maybe next year they’ll have flowers.

The peach daylily was a surprise. Well, and so were the marigolds popping back up. I think of all the snapdragons that were in the flowerbed, a couple reseeded themselves, and a few salvia made it. When I’d bought the peach daylily last year, it hadn’t flowered, so I didn’t know how pretty it was. I’ve already planted more flowers and have more to plant. We’re supposed to have severe storms today, so need to get them in the ground early.

Okay, so off to write. I have 2,000 to write to bring word count to 20,000! Also final proofing for SEAL Wolf Undercover to do, and Heart of the Wolf’s new cover has been approved. I have to wait to reveal it though.

Have a flower-filled day!


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  1. I love flowers. I discovered one called blanket flower that I added several to one of my beds last year. Hope it comes back this year.

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