Do You Ever Get Excited…

about the little things in life?

I had to move away from the windows yesterday so I could get some writing done, because I was having way too much fun photographing a new bird to the garden. Blue jays, doves, and cardinals were having no success at chasing him off.

He’s a rose-breasted grosbeak and he’s guarding the seed tray again this morning. From what I read, he’s migrating north to the breeding grounds. So for now, he’s filling up before he’s on his way.  He doesn’t even mind me photographing him.

This morning, two courting blue jays, the red-bellied woodpecker, two courting bluebirds, and mated cardinals were all in the yard, but the grosbeak has managed to keep his place at the table, only leaving briefly, though singing away to us that this is his claimed territory when I took the puppies out to potty.

So eat well, little grosbeak, before you continue your long journey, and I’ll enjoy watching you until then.

Take pleasures in the small things in life and they will snowball into something big. 🙂


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