Done! Done! Done! And Hummingbird Flowers!

It’s always such a relief to finish edits on a book so Flight of the White Wolf is back to the editor. Woohoo! But it doesn’t end there. It will come back two more times for edits. At least.

That means next on the agenda is the grocery store.

After that??? Back to The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf. I’m nearing the end on word count, yet have a long ways to go to finish it. It’s fun stopping though to work on a finished book, reminding me I can do it with this one too.

In the meantime, I got my butterfly and hummingbird plants planted too, and dug up more grass that I need to remove to create another flowerbed.

These are: Silky Red Asclepias, Cuphea Pink Bunny Face, Ruttya Fruticosa Jammy Mouth, and Salvia Dancing Flame, Pentas where the hummingbird is hovering, Vermillion Firecracker Cuphea where the hummingbird is feeding.

I had a hummingbird hovering over the birdseed dish yesterday once I got the plants in the ground. Now I just need to figure out the settings for speedy little birds and get to photographing! But AFTER I get groceries and work on Bounty.

Have a fun-filled hummingbird day!

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