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While I’m waiting on edits on Cougar Undercover, and The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf, I took a several-hour break, played with photos, weeded in the garden, washed the dogs and their bedding. Ohmigosh, they’re soft. Havanese don’t smell. They don’t shed, no second coat, and they aren’t oily. So they don’t smell, except dusty when I haven’t washed them in a while. lolmax-and-tanner-bath-tongues-out-900-004

Then I began to re-read the last book in the fae stories: Golden Fae, book 8.

I was going to just wing it–she’s a falcon fae, so that works, but when I was re-reading Golden Fae, I realized she has a lot of unique family history that I needed to use. And that gave me her story.

I’ve already written several novels since I wrote Golden Fae, which means I had forgotten a lot of it. 🙂

I will need to re-read both Cougar Undercover and The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf when they come back and after editing, but for now, I’m off and flying with Falcon Fae.

It was so wonderfully cool yesterday with storms, but we’ve got the heat coming back today. *sigh*

Have a great day and hope it’s perfect. But if it isn’t, make it so!

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