Someone Said Feeding Time, Right?

There is always room for one more.

Mourning doves and white winged doves. Generally sociable and allow the others to hop right on. The baby in the one picture didn’t want any others around HIS food. 🙂

He’s like a child who doesn’t know how to share. Yet.

Have a fun day!!

Terry Spear

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2 thoughts on “Someone Said Feeding Time, Right?

  1. Ha Ha I know his pain lol. And I have two dogs that also know it. Share, what you talkin bout?

    • lol, it’s amazing how they’ll be sitting on top of each other, and a few minutes later, no one’s here. 🙂 You’d think they’d wait a little. 🙂 But yeah, I’ve never seen a dove snap at another, not wanting to share any of the food. 🙂

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