It’s Okay if I Don’t Write!

I took off the week from writing, though I managed to get 2500 written this week anyway. But this is a research trip, and I signed books at a Barnes and Noble. I’ll use my travels for a story setting in one of my future books. I’ve been up here before, but more to see the wolves and their behavior, and to enjoy the other sites. Even so, I’ve set one of the white wolf stories in Ely during the winter based on my first trip up here, and I’ll have to do one for some shifter story for the summer after seeing all the flowers in abundance, experiencing the weather–hot, stormy, cool, etc.

Bears and wolves and rain, oh my! It poured so hard, we finally had to pull off the road, but it wasn’t letting up, so after a little wait, we continued on our way, ended up on a gravel road and finally back to civilization.

We’ve been brainstorming the whole time too, and I’ve been taking notes, so that’s important, and we’ve been halfway listening to Silver Wolf Christmas, which helps me to remember some of the character details and setting for Silver Town, since I’m writing the next book in the Silver Town series. So see? I’m not goofing off…too much. 🙂

Okay, were off to see the zoo. Tomorrow it will be the arboretum. It might be iffy on the weather. Hope we’re not rained out on either day! We were going to market last night, but as you can see by the rain we were having, it was a no-go.

Have a super, great day!!!


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