An Afternoon Spent with My Daughter and Granddaughter during Spring Break

We had a nice lunch–lobster sandwiches and for the toddler, mac and cheese, and then took a walk to a park and a lake that we tried to reach when the baby was just an infant, maybe 2 mos. old. It was about a 4-mile hike from her place, but the road had dead ended. Now it’s open and there’s a dock and we saw a great white heron and an egret, though what fascinated Keira most was the man walking his dog. She loves dogs. We drove this time, it was raining and neither Keira and I are well enough for long hikes right now. But we did walk the short distance from the parking area to the boat dock.

She is covering her hand with an ice pack I picked up for her on my trip to Minnesota. It’s perfect for when little fingers get into things they shouldn’t. But she very happily carried the ice pack around forever, constantly putting her hand down, and covering it with the ice pack. She’s so funny.

I went home with them afterward and watched the baby while momma hung lights outside on the patio cover. Momma wasn’t sick, but both Grandma and baby are still wiped out. So she and I watched The Little Mermaid, and then I went home to try and write. I’m just not getting enough sleep. I can’t think straight. I did better last night, more periods of not coughing and managing some sleep, but I need a few good nights of solid sleep. I’m already tired and I haven’t the day.

We had a terrific storm this morning. Luckily, it stopped by the time I got up to put the dogs and the garbage out.

I’m off to do something. Hopefully, like write the book! Hope you get to do some fun things today!!!


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