Redheaded Woodpecker

I moved my feeder next to the rosebush so that I could see it while I was writing. And guess what? The redheaded woodpecker I saw three years ago, or maybe a new one, showed up again! He feels like he’s far enough away from my window, but also, instead of a bare pine tree, I have lots of vegetation–crape mytles, youpon holly, and the rosebush around it and it might feel safer.

He’s a beautiful bird and I was thrilled to see him here.

Word count…? Ugh. I was revising White Wolf and that’s always a killer on word count. Add, take away, add, take away. We had an Easter egg hunt and barbecue yesterday, and when I got home, I couldn’t get into either story. So going to try and do better today. Hopefully.

Have a great day!!! I have to work! I want to plant flowers.


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2 thoughts on “Redheaded Woodpecker

  1. Great move !
    your birds will be having a colorful background to complement your pictures.
    have a good day

    • Thanks, you too! The nice thing is the red roses are blooming most of the year, so they do make a pretty backdrop even through some of the winter!

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