Creating a New Picture & a Hurricane on the Horizon

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor, nature and water

I’m taking My Photo Artistic Life Online Workshop, and this was the first challenge.

These are the two pictures I combined that I’d taken myself at a Wisconsin zoo. And then we had to add a vector, two textures, and a frame that they provided.

It was fun! Who knew you could add fish on top of another photo, change the blend mode and the fish would just add some color?

Anyway, I was out early this morning trying to weed, and out late last night weeding, trying to beat the heat and the storms. We might get some of the hurricane hitting New Orleans. When I wanted a little rain to help cool things down, that wasn’t what I had in mind!!

Off to write. I need to pick up some groceries, JUST in case. Hmm, m&ms, potatoes, oh, okay, batteries, water….


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