Four Days to Write–No Interruptions-Hopefully

Gone Fishing

The reason I haven’t gotten word count on Highland Wolf is because I have had little one all weekend long, and then Wed and Friday. I did write on Vampire Redemption, and it’s almost done, so it’s not like I haven’t been working on a story. But it’s not the deadline book.

If I’d had more of an idea of what to write, I would have gotten somewhere with Highland Wolf, but being sick and then with distractions, I couldn’t concentrate. Now, I have to get back to it with heart and soul. So I’m off to work on it for the next 4 days before little one is back and I hope to catch up on word count and surpass it. I have two more scenes I want to write on Vampire Redemption, but I’ll do those after I get caught up on Highland Wolf. And then it will be done.

I also want to weed and I’m creating 3 composites for a neighbor’s granddaughter.

Okay, off to write!

Have a gloriously wonderful day!


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