Female Cardinal, Where is Your Mate?

They usually come in pairs. Someone said that her mate may be guarding a nest. I can buy that. A male cardinal was on my bird feeder yesterday. Alone.

I’m still trying to come up with an idea for the novella for the 10th Anniversary of Wolf Fever. I was looking at story prompt ideas and snatched a few for for something else, maybe, or changed quite a bit for my own need. Still not coming up with the one I want for this.

With novellas, they are much shorter–mine around 25-30K rather than 90+ on a novel. So the story can’t have a lot of subplots and it has to be quick hitting, action right away, conflict right away, meeting between hero and heroine right away.

So my dishwasher’s not working. I just figured I’d forgotten to start it. But nope. Yesterday, I was washing all the dishes by hand, but last night I had toddler dishes and mine from the day I needed to get to. Well, I was busy with trying to finish the letter to the reader, my editor wanted it longer, and I hear the sound of the dishwasher rumbling. It’s working! All on its own. Not with me starting it or anything. I dashed into the kitchen, threw all the stuff in that needed to be washed. closed the door. Nothing. Started the dishwasher, nothing.

I hoped it would just miraculously decide to start up in the middle of the night. Nope.

One word for it: Fae

So this morning I’m trying to do my blog and I get an error message. No fixing it. I transferred block by block my whole blog, telling myself I should write shorter. I’m a writer! What can you expect?

The fae? Probably. They haven’t heard me talking about a book for them yet for this year and they’re giving me a hard time over it.

All right, off to edit Highland Wolf and get started on my word count.

Have a super fun day!


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