The Tooth Fairy–Needs to Do More

Everyone needs a tooth fairy and just giving a little change under the pillow isn’t enough. Wouldn’t it be neat if she could fix teeth? Now that would make her a real tooth fairy, in my estimation.

Well, little one didn’t go home until 5 last night, but I did get my promotional blog done for You Had Me at Wolf and I sent it off. And I did the first skimming read through to check for any mistakes that the editor pointed out and I concurred with, or didn’t. It’s a 103,000-word book, so a long book. I’ve got to start reading it word for word next, to see if any changes need to be made. I’ll do that on my non-word goal day after little one goes home on Friday. Today is a word goal day for both the novel and novella I’m working on. But at least I feel I’m right where I need to be.

I was annihilated in the one challenge on Tower of Time. I wanted to do three battles, just the challenges, and this was the last one available to me. It said it was impossible, but I’ve done the impossible before, so I went in, feeling rather confident, and I had two people left, two others meeting their demise, all my summoned characters dying, and our health was failing fast. No healer among them. I will try it again some other time, when I hope to be better equipped for it. My goal, being the goal-oriented person I am, was to do one more battle last night, the last challenge and since that didn’t work out, I went off to the 8th floor, where there were about four monster battles waiting for me before I could go any further. I only wanted to do one and then go to bed and edit on the novella.

It’s kind of funny, really. On one of the challenges, it said they would soften me up for the really bad guys, so I held back on my magic use, intending to use it on the really bad guys when they turned up so I wouldn’t deplete my mana (magic). I usually watch the bar at the top that shows what percentage of bad guys are left. I wasn’t watching it. I was watching for the really bad guys to show their faces, then I’d use my magic to whittle them down.

All of a sudden, I won. Wait! What happened to the really bad guys? I loved it! So then on the last battle I did last night, it said I had 3 really bad guys to deal with and tons and tons of others would be called to battle. So I concentrated on one baddy at a time, then saw two other bad guys show up and got rid of them while dealing with the last really bad one, and that was it! I won! So much better than that last challenge. I will have to try later when I can figure another way to beat them. I’m afraid on the 8th floor, I’ll have something similar, so I really need to get through it.

This is how I write too. Getting through one challenge at a time.

Okay, I’m off to work on my real work.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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