Love is in the Air…but…

Watch out what you share!

I’m on quarantine for 2 more days while I take antibiotics for strep throat, an ear infection, drops for eyes, and steroids to reduce the swelling in my throat. No more sore throat, yay! Eyes are okay now. But still having to take all the medicines. Still coughing all night and all day, but at least I got some sleep for 2-hour increments last night between coughing spells. So I feel a little better today.

I’m determined to get this novella done, darn it. lol Remember when I said I was shooting for 20K? It’s at 25K and I’m still trying to finish it. I HAVE to get back to Highland Wolf. But I need to turn this in also.

Okay, I’m off to write, take pills, write, drink tons of water, float away, write, take pills, write….

Have a beautiful day and only share the good stuff with your friends.


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