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Got to run the trash out and finish edits on Wolf in Need this morning, but it’s done! Yay!!!!!!! At 32K it’s 12K over what I intended, but that’s okay. Readers like longer reads and I’m happy with it.

As soon as I do that, I’m going to send it to beta readers and get back to Highland Wolf! That is several thousand words behind on word count. I don’t want to even see how far behind I am on that. But I had to write this one for a November release, so no choice. Whew. No wonder I get so sick. Stress in addition to toddler germs. I’ll have to read it from the beginning because I don’t remember where I’m at on the story. But I’m looking forward to it. I’m a glutton for punishment. I had to look. I’m 13,000 words behind. That’s over a week’s worth of word count.

I had a reviewer for You Had Me at Wolf say the name on the blurb is wrong for the heroine in the book. Here’s the story: I wrote the book in three months and her name was Josie. I like Josie. She suited Josie. The editor said I had to many “ie” names in the book so I needed to change it. So I changed it to Nicole, but the blurb went out with Josie. End of story. I still remember her fondly as Josie. Nicole? Who is that?

Okay, off to get things done.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day, and remember, your name can be changed also with a stroke of a few keys on the keyboard. And then you will be gone. Replaced by some other name. No longer. You.


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