Do Not Disturb!

Right! If you’re reading, writing, or doing the taxes, you need this sign. Correct?

Or if you have edits and material requests coming in for two different books when you’re trying to finish up a book in process! I finally got minimum word count on Highland Wolf but need to finish it. And little one is coming in a few minutes, so forget getting anything done. *sigh*

It was 73 yesterday, 33 this morning. Ugh. No wonder we all get sick. I spent the day digging up ferns that volunteered along my pavers. I moved them against the fence. They’re from the native woods and just popped up in my flower border, and I love ferns!! I’ve never been able to grow them before, so I’m excited to have my own little woodland scene, if they survive the move.

Okay, I’m off to get ready for little one.

Have a super, undisturbed day!


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