Social Distancing, Please…

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So here Ajax, the Arctic wolf was telling Boltz, the gray timber wolf, that the beaver was all his. Don’t even think about getting close to his meal.

But social distancing? Sure. Keep your distance from my food!

I went to the grocery store yesterday morning when it first opened, no crowds, managed to stay away for 2 weeks and my fridge was bare. Everything, but hand soaps, sanitizers, etc, were stocked. Toilet paper–for those hoarding them, paper towels, Kleenix, all of that was in. Yay!

Then I was trying to stuff all the meat in my freezer along with the frozen vegetables. And I got a lot of fresh vegetables to eat for the week.

Most everyone was wearing a mask. Yay! A few holdouts. I guess they think the rest of us we’re protecting them. I felt like I was a bandit.

I turned in the proofed copy of Joy to the Wolves, couldn’t find the promo stuff I’m supposed to do for Night of the Billionaire Wolf, wrote 200 words on Red Wolf, and that was it. I offered to take care of my granddaughter tomorrow. I need to jump on the story today though. Been trying to reach the halfway point in forever. I should manage it today.

Hope you all are keeping your distance, don’t get too close to a growly wolf who’s acting all alpha, and stay safe!


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