Creating Art From Photos

From a blase picture to something fun!

Okay, little one is coming here today, ordered a set of Dick and Jane books to help her read. She loves to read to herself and I read to her all the time. But I was so excited when I was little to learn how to read on my own using the Dick and Jane books. Some things are timeless. They arrived yesterday so today we do more reading/learning. I’ve worked with her on some beginner Dr. Seuss books also.

Turned in edits on the Wolf Wears Plaid and managed to reach 74K on Red Wolf last night. Need 6K more to make word count, so should have that soon. Hopefully, and then just finishing up the story, and that will probably make it about 90K.

Took my walk mucho early this morning. It’s getting hotter, muggy, muggy, muggy, and we’re under flash flood warnings through Saturday, so I figure I’d better get it done.

Have a super great day and be safe!!


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4 thoughts on “Creating Art From Photos

    • Thanks, Tambra! We have the Carl books. I’ll check out the McDuff stories! Thanks! That is so cool about you writing for children too. I had and then switched over to romance. 🙂

      • Sometimes my brain and creativity need the break I get from writing children’s and YA. When that happens and I go back to writing romance I find it easier to edit or write. That’s fantastic you wrote for children too. Little One is blessed to have you in her life.

      • Oh, mine too. I stopped on trying to figure out the novella and am trying to get 3 books in print that I haven’t had time to do. One down, two to go. Sometimes it helps to do something different. 🙂

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