Asiatic Lily

Playing around with the Chalk Version in Topaz Studio.

Yesterday, little one and I had fun making an angel food cake, making eggs that she didn’t want until I sat down to eat mine and then she wanted one. So I gave her that one and I made another for me and she wanted it. I ate mine and made her another one. I showed her how I made spaghetti.

On our trips outside, we found a ladybug and a BABY ladybug and a beautiful blue dragonfly, lots of monarchs and bad milkweed bugs. She’s learned that blue jays are blue jays. She recognizes bluebirds. We’re working on woodpeckers, robins, mockingbirds, and cardinals, instead of just birds.

She helped me with the laundry, washing windows, vacuuming and washing wood trim. It was a good day. lol

We painted toenails and did numbers and read books, did pre-school workbooks and practiced saying the letter S–she loses the s on snack, snake, and squirrel.

We had fun!

But it’s back to a wild day of edits and writing on Red Wolf!

Have a super safe day. Distance and masks. Save lives.


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2 thoughts on “Asiatic Lily

  1. Terry you and Princess fairy have a great day yesterday,
    so happy to heard she is learning to Identified the birds m no just birds.
    Awesome she is learning to do chores, school work Fantastic.!!♥♥

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