Keep Cool

Have you ever been really hot and watch something that is really snowy and feel cooler? It’s hot, so having fun with some snow is nice.

At 96K, doing final edits before I send Red Wolf to my beta readers. Yay!

Next up is a novella for the 10th Anniversary release of Heart of the Highland Wolf. Uh, no, next up is proofing the 10th Anniversary releases of Wolf Fever and Seducing the Wolf. Then the novella.

Off to finish up Red Wolf so I can send it off!

Have a great day!!! And stay safe!


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4 thoughts on “Keep Cool

  1. I don’t remember dreaming of snow in hot weather, but when I was a wee bairn and still qualified for an afternoon nap my Grandmother would put us on a quilt on the floor, she called it a “pallet”? Then she put a pan of water nearby with a fan behind it. Some snow or ice in that pan would have been nice. The fan made a constant noise that really put us to sleep. Fond memories.

    • Awww, that’s so sweet! I know that my grandmother and her family lived Manitoba and it would get really hot there, despite how far north it is from us. They would wet sheets down and put them over the open windows, letting the breeze cool off the house that way.

  2. Greetings Terry, Have a Great Week
    We suppose to reach 95 F again today. thanks but no thanks,
    Terry I love the Idea of the wet sheets over the open window with the Breeze cooling of the house.
    WOW.. Memories of me as a 10 years old. Do you know that a mix of cold water and vinegar or alcohol can be use to cool down a person with HIGH FEVER?
    My temperature when up 107 F , The Dr. suggested to do that using towels they will wet the towels well and cover me with them I could see the Steam rising from the towels, after several hours on and off of the wet towels finally the temperature went down.

    • Wow, Lola, that’s really interesting! Yeah, Donna said she’s glad she doesn’t live down here!!!! I don’t blame you. Max wants to curl up on my lap and I’m like it’s too hot? But I let him anyway. 🙂

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